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Carl Riseley, an acclaimed vocalist, trumpeter, and jazz-man from Australia, released his first studio single in six years , December 11 2015. 


‘You Must Be Joking’ infuses Riseley’s signature suaveness with Latin musings and a jazzy pop influence. His repertoire prior to this release has consisted mainly of covers, and thus, this new endeavor is a step toward a

wholly original catalog.


Riseley is respected throughout music industry, especially for sticking to his guns during the 2007 Australian Idol competition where he progressed into the Top 12 maintaining his original big-band style. 

He ultimately moved into the final three, and wowed audiences with his rendition of the Everly Brothers’ ‘Bye Bye Love.’ 


Prior to the competition, Riseley strengthened his prowess on the trumpet whilst performing in the Royal Australian Navy band.


Following Australian Idol, Riseley released two very well received records, albums that varied immensely and portrayed a sonically versed and talented performer. 


His 2009 sophomore studio effort, ‘The Stillest Hour,’ exhibited Riseley’s incredible potential as an industry mainstay. More so, it concreted his long time moniker, the ‘King of Swing.’


Now, six years later, he has returned with ‘You Must Be Joking.’ The single precedes Riseley’s full length junior release, which is expected this coming later this year. The new album continues Riseley’s penchant for surrounding himself with remarkable talents, as he collaborated with two accomplished musicians, Colin Morgan Campbell and Jonathan Holowell.

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